Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Golden Girl... Priceless Memory

Upon hearing that Estlee Getty had passed away at the beautiful age of 85, I found myself to be overwhelmingly sad... I  began to cry within moments of Matt Lauer delivering this news to me while in our kitchen Tuesday morning...  I have a lump in my throat now writing about this tiny little woman that I never knew; never had then chance to meet, but whom had a sweet, familiar smile that touched my life directly... I have a multitude of amazing memories throughout my childhood involving my grandmother, whom I lovingly called Nana...  One of which that I can recall vividly, is nights spent in front of her television set, there in the living room of her Laguna Nigel home... The Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy were two of her favorite television programs, although The Golden Girls will forever remind me of my Nana on those nights... The glow of the television set, the sound of  her laughter and the vibration of her body with me laying across her chest.  It will remind me of  the warmth of my Nana's embrace, the softness of her skin,  the comfort and happiness of just being with her... and the joy of knowing how happy these four ladies made her on those nights...the laughter would fill the halls... I always liked Sophia, Estelle's character, the most... She was so small and I loved her bright white hair...  She was funny and although I wasn't old enough at the time to fully comprehend the humor of this program, I knew that she was an essential part of the laughter...  So in hearing of her passing, I was not only  reminded of a childhood memory, but I was reminded of the feeling of loss .... and for a moment, I allowed myself to remember how very much I loved those nights with Nana and how desperately I miss her... Thank you Estelle for a wonderful childhood memory, for rolling laughter and for the opportunity to remember... I am crying now... I need to sit with this sadness more often... I love you endlessly Nana...Goodnight.

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