Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chore Sticks

Seeing as Sebastian is now nearing the four and a half mark, I figure he is fully capable of taking on a bit of responsibility around our house... He has proven to enjoy helping me when I request his help and so here is an idea I had for him and possibly for your kiddies too!  Chore sticks!  Grab some over sized popsicle sticks and have your child color the ends of the sticks on both the front and back side... Keep in mind that each stick will represent a single chore, so color carefully!   We decided to have Sebastian color five sticks, representing five chores for our boy.  Once they are done with the coloring, Momma and Papa get to decide together what the chores are going to be... Here is what we chose... 

1.  Pick up all the toys in your bedroom
2.  Take your laundry from the hamper down stairs
3.  Check Bella's food and water
4.  Water your veggies
5.  Give Momma, Papa and Brooklyn a hug

Chores are to be preformed throughout the day, allowing the child to flip over the chore stick when he has completed the chore.  At the end of the day all sticks should be turned upside down, with the colored portion now facing downward.  Today was our first day with these sticks, and Sebastian really enjoyed this process!  I let him decide where he wanted to keep his chore sticks and he chose to set them atop his "throne", as he and Papa like to call it!  The bathroom is a great place to keep the sticks so that you can marvel at his job well done at the end of the day!  I think that this is a great introduction to both chores and household responsibility... I figure that when these chores become a tire, we can switch up the routine with some new chores and some newly colored sticks!  

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