Sunday, October 30, 2011

birthday b o y

my sweet boy turned four years old last week.

we celebrated with our family and friends.

we had a blast.

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday dear brooklyn

happy birthday to you.

(momma loves you more than you will probably ever know.) 


Vivian said...

Those are some FUN and AWESOME shots! I have this urge now to go jump in mud now :) And the green cool is that!

Fairfield House said...

Corey Ann,

Happy Be-lated Birthday Wishes to Brooklyn, the boy with the most beautiful eyes. They are growing up so fast on my end that I can only imagine how you feel. Your photographs are perfection and capture the essence of childhood. Where did you ever find the dog tag invitations?

Your Friend,

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Okay first, do you seriously have a red polka dot couch?? I might be in love. Best couch ever.

Love the party ... I'm thinking of doing something really similar for my twins' birthday. Your invitations are great ... I'm pinning them.

Corey said...

Thank you, thank you! Brooklyn's birthday invitations/dog tags were found and ordered on amazon, through a wholesale dog tag manufacturer! They were wonderful and allowed me to customize 20 dog tags with each child's name of them! Really fun! The red polka dot couch is in my little boys bedroom, and yes, it's extremely adorable! Have a wonderful day! xoxo

swearingen said...

I adore the idea for B's birthday party! Your pictures are delightful, thank you for sharing!

Pearl said...

Such Amazing pictures!
I love how you capture every moment.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, long time reader but never a comment-er. Corey, your pictures literally brighten my day. I love them. I have one question, have you ever thought about giving us readers a whole house tour? I know we have seen many pics of the boys rooms, and some of things in the living room, but I would love to see how you decorate the house. I just have these images of it being this cozy warm cottagey place that instantly warms you as you come in. I am in the midst of completing the decoration on my house (it's taken me 3 years to decide what to do with it) and it's a small tiny place but I am always looking for a bit more inspiration. I adore your style. I love that you can use old stuff with a few new things. Very much how I feel I am. Also, I hope that when I have kids I will be half as fun as you are. I love it.

sheenersb at hotmail dot com