Thursday, March 17, 2011

covered coat hangers

this project is the first that caught my eye when I peeked inside

  the homemade home for the first time.

materials and equipment:

wire coat hangers
double sided tape
pencil and a long ruler
fabric, for binding
scissors, pins and iron
scraps of felt and patterned fabric for decoration
ribbons, buttons, large fabric corsages
needle and sewing thread

"To bind each hanger,

 first run a strip of double sided tape along the wire, 

wrapping the tape over the 

wire so that it's completely covered. 

Using strips of pre-cut fabric, begin spiraling the fabric around the wire.

Continue this way until the entire hanger is covered."

(Warning, this is extremely addictive, 

you very well may want  to make a million of these hangers...)



Tamara said...

what's a rainy day, i have TONS of wire hangers, and everything else needed for this project. thank you!

Alli said...

i just found your blog, love all your photos.. Im addicted to playing with fabric too.. haha. I just spiced up some easter baskets for my girls..

Thank you for all the great ideas :)