Wednesday, February 2, 2011

love in the first week of february

succulents in bloom.

loving it.

cinnamon spread.

 a treasured family secret.

(pure decadence smeared over hot slice of toast.)


i love it.

 the boys have been hard at work building a monster 

truck pit in the far corner of our backyard.

 work, work, working together...

absolutely love it.

my mug rug.

(i really love it.)

starting a few Valentine's Day preparations...

I really love this time of the year.

homemade play dough with glitter,

love everything about it.

 painting, painting

  and more painting 

with my littlest Picasso...

(looooovvvve it.)

what are you loving this week?

1 comment:

Megan said...

My 2-year old son and I are making an old-school Valentine's Day card box. We just started and its so much fun to see the approval in his face when we get it "just right".
I also love sweet messages rendered in embroidery. I'm doing a series of 5x7s to frame for my husband for Valentine's Day. He's totally clueless - I told him I'm practicing my technique.