Thursday, January 13, 2011

ribbon pulls

after shopping for new hardware for Brooklyn's dresser throughout the past few months, 

I was thrilled to come across this simple idea for customizing simple wooden pulls.

i used various paint colors that I already had and bought the wooden pulls for .97 cents each

"simply decorate the drawer pulls and you can perk up a whole chest of drawers, either old or new."

"Unscrew the pulls and paint with with two or three coats of paint.  Use up leftover paint or sample 

pots, and don't worry if you don't have enough paint to make all the pulls the same- using different 

colors adds a fun, slightly fifties feel."

"When dry, put the pulls back on the drawers and decorate them further by twisting bits of old ribbon or 

old braid and then tying them around the pulls."


P.S. Did you know that the author of this darling little book has a facebook page 

dedicated to the homemade home?

Well, she does.


she knows about my attempt to recreate her entire book.

Here's what she had to say.

Project # 1: Wow Corey, this sounds amazing and your first project looks beautiful. Please keep us posted, looking forward to seeing the next one, how exciting! Sania x

 Project # 2: They look great Corey and really lovely photos too. Two down, forty eight to go! Sx


Biteofpunkinpie said...

I LOVE this idea! I have a small dresser in my dining room where I hide my crafting supplies and have those same plain wooden pulls and I just couldn't talk myself into committing to ONE color for them. This project feels like I'm getting permission to choose a bunch of colors! Why was I so afraid?

Shelley said...

thank you for the lovely idea! we have dark wood furniture in little Judes room and I have been dying to mix it up a bit...other than the new paint that is going on the walls. This is just the perfect way to bring more color into his room. I love it !

Brittany Martin said...

this idea is so adorable, and i love the little tags.