Sunday, December 26, 2010

Love Always, Santa Claus

Dearest Sebastian and Brooklyn,

I can hardly believe that another year has passed us by and that I am here writing another letter to the both of you tonight. Your family elf, Fisbee got home to the North Pole safely this evening and provided me with a full report of both of your behavior. You should be proud to know that everything that he shared with me was good, positive information. He told me about how you love one another and how you care for each other like brothers should. Once again, Fisbee throughly enjoyed his time in your home and looks forward to returning to your family this next year, soon after Thanksgiving.

This past year was quite eventful for the both of you and for your entire family as well. I see that you have relocated yet again and that you are living in a home with wonderfully large yard, orange trees and a tire swing. (How very lucky you are.) I see that you got a dog this year. Now you have two pets to watch over, both Bella and now Buddy. I have watched you both take responsibility for the new addition and help with the work that is required in owning a dog. Take good care of your puppy, and he will become one of the best friends that you will ever have. Cherish the time that Buddy is a young pup, for time passes quickly, and just like your parents have watched you grow into young men, your dog will grow older too.

Sebastian, watching you throughout this year has been such a joy. With each passing year, you become taller and stronger, smarter and sillier, kinder and more generous at heart. I notice this year that you are in the first grade, and my, oh my, how well you are doing. Your penmanship is just beautiful, I can see the time and attention that you use when guiding your pencil from the bottom of the word line all the way to the top and back down again. Just perfect. Your math skills are impressive to say the least. I see you practicing addition, subtraction, and what's this? Multiplication... at your age? My, what a smart boy you are indeed. I have watched your behavior at school, both in the classroom and on the school yard. I see your interaction with your classmates and other friends, and I'm so proud of your conduct. Your heart is huge my boy. Golden.

The interaction that I have most enjoyed watching, would be that between you and your little brother. The patience and love that you show him is so special. The time that you take with him, guiding, and nurturing his little spirit, will be returned to you ten times over throughout the course of your life. Brooklyn loves you more than you will probably ever know. He watches every single thing that you do and wants to do exactly what you have done. Take this as a compliment, your little brother wants to be every bit the boy that you already are.

Now, this last bit of information came to me as a complete shock. While collecting my behavior data for you this year, my friend the Tooth Fairy made mention of the three teeth that you have lost sense last Christmas. Three teeth? Oh my goodness. Had I not been so keenly aware of the rest of your face, I may not have have recognized you without your two front teeth. But your beautiful face, the sparkle in your eyes and the sweetness in your smile will always remind me of exactly who you are... Sweet, sweet Sebastian.

Brooklyn, my goodness young man, I just cant believe the change that has been made in you within a years time. You are talking and singing, and even going to school two days a week! I have loved watching you in your classroom with your little friends and the fun that you have on the car rides to school in the mornings. How lucky you are to have such sweet and loving people surrounding you. I am so glad to see that you zest and love for life has not lessened at all, in fact the light in your heart shines even brighter today than this day last year. You are a gentle and kind hearted boy. You are generous and willing to lend a hand whenever one is needed. You listen well to your parents and do exactly what is asked of you, and your laughter sweet child, is one of the sweetest sounds that I have ever heard. Please promise me, that your laughter will always remain the wild, rolling sound that it is is now.

May you both know how very loved you are and that the true gift of Christmas is not one that can be bought or wrapped up into a beautiful package. The true gift of Christmas resides within the life that we live both day in and day out. The gift that we have been given is in the opportunity to live fearlessly and to work tirelessly in order to obtain our wildest of dreams. The gift is in a friendship, or in kindness to your neighbor. The true gift is in a thoughtful gesture or a loving embrace. You two boys are the gift... Someone once said that Life is the ultimate gift, and that is why it is called the present. Keep that with you throughout the next year, let it fill your heart and expand you mind.

Thank you for the lovely cookies and milk... They were delicious. Thank you also for the carrots and the reindeer feed that you sprinkled about for my team, they really enjoyed the treat.

I wish for you both this year,the very Merriest Christmas possible... May you enjoy unwrapping your gifts and playing with your toys... Although, please remember this....

The greatest gift that you have both been given is each other. Brotherhood is no doubt the greatest gift of all. The ability to have another person in your life to share your greatest moments as well as greatest hardships. An equal, a confidant, a partner in all that you do. Your flesh and blood, your forever friend...your brother. Take care of one another and love each other the way only brothers can.

Merry Christmas to two of the finest boys I know...

Love Always, Santa Claus

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amanda said...

That brought a tear to my eye.
A joyful Christmas tear. :)