Monday, October 18, 2010

Mummy Pizza's & Caramel Apples

It's been cool and wet here in California all week. 
It made sense to warm up the house by using the oven this weekend.
The boys and I made these adorable,
(and yummy) mummy pizzas Saturday afternoon.
And I couldn't resist my first round of homemade caramel apples last week.
 I ate one as soon as they were finished and then surprised a few friends with the others!
 (SOOOOOO good.)
 (And SOOOOOO easy!)
 And just because it's not every day that we Californian's get to use an umbrella...
My  little jack-o-lantern on his way to school.
Almost as sweet as the apples, wouldn't you say?


Michelle said...

Yummyyy!!!!! I want to make these so badly, I have everything I need to do so, just making time is the kicker!!!! Also, I sure wih I knew where you and a few others in the blog world are finding the caramel bites for the apples? I have looked everywhere and cant seem to get my hands on any!!!! Anyway,love your picks again too, ohh and the Mummy pizza's look like alot of fun too!!!

Michelle said...

Oh one more thing, YES indeed your little jack o lantern is sweet indeed! He is so ADORABLE!!!!!!

Michelle Torres

Sheena said...

i don't comment often but I love your blog. Your pictures are amazing and you are such an inspiration to me. Thanks!