Friday, September 17, 2010


Today was a wonderful day in my book of life.
The boys and I went to a carnival after school let out for the weekend.
When we arrived home, the boys played so well together that I had a few minutes to look through some photographs that I took yesterday during a Christmas promo shoot
 for Corey Villicana Photography.
The images  turned out wonderfully.
(I'll explain later.)
And then just when I didn't think that my day could get much better, my trusty UPS man arrived with a package full of the most beautiful business cards and notecards that I have ever seen.
Do you know my friend Christina?
If not you should.
And you most certainly should know of the beauty
that she creates and shares with the world.
 Sweet Pea Ink.
The secret of her talent is most certainly the word of the street,
and the word in this amazing publication.

And just like that another Friday comes and goes, as does the week that it proceeds.
Wishing you an amazing weekend...


Bonnie said...

beautiful business cards! I can't wait to see your Christmas photo shoot! Looks very creative!

FairfieldHouse said...

Looking forward to seeing the magical images you created on the shoot. Will check out Christina's site as well.

Your Friend,