Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brooklyn's Big Day

Today, Brooklyn attended his first day of preschool. 
He has waited patiently over the years for the day when he would run through the same preschool halls that his big brother and Momma did.
Today was his day.
When we got home from preschool, all of Brooklyn's little friends were waiting for him in his bedroom, just as they were the day before, and the day before that. Yes, Brooklyn had started preschool, but nothing else had changed.
And once my sweet boy was fast asleep, dreaming mid-day dreams of playgrounds and crayons, I helped myself to a iced coffee with extra whipped cream and toasted, to myself.
 Both of my babies are in school this year.
A huge accomplishment followed by a huge realization.
My babies are growing up.
Once Sebastian got home from school, he told me that he and Brooklyn needed some time to
 relax after a long day...
(This face is a reflection of my heart smiling.)


FairfieldHouse said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad to know it's been a positive experience with no separation anxiety for either of you.

Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

Your posts always bring a tear to my eyes. I must be getting old and emotional. He looks so happy and confidant.

Have a blessed day.

tanya said...

Great photos as always! Your boys are so sweet

Bonnie said...

I love it, all of your photos are so beautiful. You capture the moments of your daily life so well.