Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Morning San Diego

This morning the boys and I made our way downtown to be featured in a community news 
segment for San Diego Living!
Sebastian and Brooklyn  did such a wonderful job! They were both a bit shy but who isn't during their first televised interview?
If you are curious to see exactly what we were up to, please follow this link. Thank you!


FairfieldHouse said...

How soon before your sons are offered their own sitcom and we will be seeing them weekly at prime time?
Wow! What a wonderful adventure for them.

Your Friend,

The Mommy Teacher said...

Hey! I'm the editor of the Lesson Plans page over at Craft Gossip.... and I just spent.. (way) too long looking at your blog while my little ones are asleep:) Like Food for my soul...I love it!! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know since you have been featured on CG before that we have new buttons in case you wanted to update yours on the right side of your blog!! Also, you can email me directly if you have an projects you have done with your children!!
Thanks for a happy day:)

Corey Ann Villicana said...

Deborah, you are too sweet! What a ride that was for all of us!
Craft Gossip Teacher Friend, Than you so very much for all of your sweetness! I will update the button this evening. I will try to remember to email you directly the next time I have a little fun with the boys! Thank you again. xoxo C