Sunday, August 1, 2010


How amazing is this natural botanical paint?
Pretty amazing.
All of the colors are found within nature.
Natural colors. Organic extracts.
Paints made from fruits, flowers. vegetables and spices.
Who knew?
We treated ourselves to a paint kit and got down to business just as the sun was setting this evening...
Here is a bit of the magic.
My favorite color was the Green Basil, and Sebastian's was the Berry Blue.
Which color is your favorite?


FairfieldHouse said...

Well the native American Indians knew, for one. I like the pomegranate. You always find the best things to share!

Your Friend,

The Mommy Teacher said...

Hey! Just posted a link to this on Craft Gossip Lesson Plans page :) Thanks!

just chic said...

I boil the Easter eggs in water with dry onion flakes and they get a nice natural reddish color. I learned it from my grandma.