Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Camping.

I don't know if there is a day longer lived than a day spent camping.

When you go camping, treats taste sweeter and chocolate lasts longer around the corners of your mouth.
Ice cream doesn't seem to melt as quickly and the colors of a push pop seem much more vibrant.

When you go camping, you allow yourself to let go of your daily surrounds and just, be.
Given this opportunity to camp, this break in the day to day, I suggest this is some of what you do.
Climb a tall tree.
Catch yourself a ladybug and offer it a name.

Enjoy a hot meal as if it may be the last you ever eat.
Become comfortable with your surroundings.
Try to remember who you truly are.
 Be that person.
Be silly. Laugh until you can't breath.
Take a bicycle ride and close your eyes while the wind rushes over your face.
Take notice in the details of the beauty that surrounds you.
Feel the fuzzy underbelly of a giant green leaf.
Make time to over-roast a marshmallow...
Or two.
Make daily trips to the local market, with a fist full of change.
Search and explore further than you might naturally be inclined.
 On a hot afternoon, take shelter in a cool, shady cave.
Realize that you're only young once,
and that childhood passes just as quickly as the summer.
Find something that makes you feel small.
Find a quiet place to stop and reflect on the bounty of your life.
Play a game.
Become relaxed.
Toast to a beautifully full life.
Count your blessings.
Celebrate life. Years lived. Let someone know how much you love them.
And if nothing else, make sure to fall asleep each night spent camping; snuggled up with your loved ones and lingering in the song of the crickets as they lull you to sleep.
(Our first camping trip was a huge success.)
I wish the same for you.


FairfieldHouse said...


I've read this post repeatedly. Each time whispering the same sentence when I come to its end: This should be a book.
Thank you for once again sharing the magic found in your day.
Your photography is so spectacular each time I think I have found a favorite, another image I love just as much is before me -- Brooklyn's spaghetti feast, the boys resting on the rock ... ALL of the photographs are amazing.

Bonnie said...

ok are such a talented photographer! These photos are incredible. You have such an eye for knowing what and how to capture. Very inspiring! I am very impressed!