Saturday, April 17, 2010

Treasure Hunting.

I treated myself to a walk on the beach this evening. Just me, myself and I. 
This is how the ocean looked when I arrived. Beautiful right? Just wait until you see what it looked like by the time I left.
I found this nature-made rock wall sitting still in all it's glory. Years in the making.
And a vast assortment of other rocks.
A seaweed boa.  Fit for a queen, or a princess ... Or better yet, a sea princess.
Someone's trusty helper that had washed ashore, detached and retired.
Mermaid tendrils.
Wood that looks like a wing.
The oldest,most fragile piece of kelp ever found. Beautiful.
The minority. Bold in difference.
This little piece of happiness looking quite out of place but confident none the less.
And the pie'ce de r'esistance. Sunset.


DQ Mountain Girl said...

what a wonderful moment of "alone time". Lucky you. Thanks for sharing.

whitey said...

truly amazing

FairfieldHouse said...

Corey Ann,

The sea always soothes my soul, centers me and gives my life perspective. Beauty abound.
I am amazed by the rocks. We don't have those on the NJ shore. I will soon share photos of "my beach."