Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello Stranger.

Well hello my lovely friends... I feel like I had been neglecting you a bit this last week. I would apologize, but I'm afraid that it may come across as insincere, because it would be. The fun level in life is way up these days! (I hope the same for you!)
Here are a few little lovelies that are making me smile today...

I think that this was once the piece of a piano that holds the sheet music in place. Although, when I found it at the GoodWill yesterday, I decided that I would paint and distress it, and then give it a new life as a recipe/picture display in my kitchen window.
Speaking of recipe holders... I also made this little diddy earlier this week by folding in pages from an old children's book... This comes in quite handy in the early evening when I'm cooking up a storm!
Another found treasure. This little cookbook. (How cute. )My favorite part is the inscription...
Our generosity jar that is filling up quickly.
This daily reminder... 
Unexpected flowers from my husband.
A tiny salt shaker. See it down there?
Sebastian's new milk mug.
And lastly, my official badge of motherhood.
(Worn with pride... Man, I love that boy!)

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FairfieldHouse said...


So glad you had a wonderful week. Great finds treasure hunting! I never would have thought about using the piece from the piano on the window sill or the folding book pages to create a stand for recipes. Very clever and creative. Love the new milk cup. I have a small ceramic one that was my mothers, it has a little bird on it that's a whistle with the words: Whistle for more milk. Little does that little baseball player know,
he has fans across the country!

- Deborah