Monday, March 29, 2010

Water-Wagon Re-Post

TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 2008 Water Wagon

While walking the isles of various toy stores throughout the past few weeks, I have been in search for the perfect water table and accessories for the summer. I wanted something well made, that could endure endless hours of play, and that looked nice as well. Most of what I found was plastic and not quite what Sebastian or I had in mind... So, we decided to make our own! I thought that we should start at my most favorite of stores, the littlest antique store in Carlsbad, where the littlest old man sits and waits for company day in and out... I love this place! Not once have we visited without finding an absolute diamond in the rough, something we could not go home without! I thought for sure I could find inspiration for my water table there! Sure enough, within ten minutes of wandering up and down the outdoor isles, I saw it! Ten dollars and a little imagination later, our water table had become a water wagon! Here is what we came up with... Take an old wagon, fill with water, add various toys for pouring and scooping, maybe some jewels like we did, and there you have it! Wonderful Water Wagon! (You can even hang a hand towel from the handle for little hands to be dried before coming inside!) Perfect.

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