Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Table For Two.

My husband is incredibly talented.
He made the boys a picnic table out of scrap wood and an old door this weekend.
I think it's divine.
We painted it together.
I choose the color.
It's called, Spearmint Gum.
I think it's divine.

And spring has started showing it's beautiful face in our backyard...

 I love this time of year.


Karin said...

Love the table. Perfect turquoise color. I'm laughing because my little one has the same puppy dog jammies!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picnic table your husband made and what a wonderful color choice you made! I'm sure many great memories will be made around it.
It's been raining for days here but sunshine is on it's way. Till then I am enjoying your spring.


jess said...

awesome table!