Tuesday, March 16, 2010


While combing through the thrift store the other day, I came across this set of coasters...
I think I laughed out loud because I loved them so much!
I paid a quarter for all six of them... Amazing deal!
I knew that I would use them to make a Spring garland for the little living room in the barn!
(Please don't focus your attention to that black pipe that runs through the center of my photograph...)
It's the chimney for the pot belly stove in our living room...
Which reminds me of what is resting comfortably in the background...
A piece of an old chicken coop that I found in the backyard. Endless treasures back there I tell ya!
I used these tiny paper clips and have made it into a memory board.
I have started to unpack the Spring decorations and sprinkle them throughout the barn.
I love this time of year!
Don't you?


Laura said...

what a great idea for the coasters - i love it!

Anonymous said...


How creative and clever. I like your use for the coasters better than their intended purpose. What a find at a quarter! I love spring, just wish it sprung here in NJ.