Monday, January 4, 2010

Item Number One... Check!

Have any of you happened upon this little list of to-do's for the month of January? I found it here. I thought that this was right up my alley and have decided to join in... First item on the list...

1. Dress your bed with pretty sheets.

We were over due for new bedding and so soon after Christmas, we treated ourselves to some wonderfull newness...

While I was snapping these pictures, I was reminded that I have not shared a snapshot of Sebastian's
finished bed frame. This darling bed frame was on its to the dump when I got my hands on it and begged my husband to give it the love that it needed to become wonderful. He did and now our boy sleeps atop this beautiful iron bed frame each and every night!

( I glanced at  this on the way out of the boys room and through you might like it too!)

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