Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fresh and Clean

Sebastian's absolute favorite Christmas gift is this silly little Lightning McQueen bath set that we bought for him at Target. The set came with a body wash, hair comb, foaming soap and a fake razor for little boys to pretend that they are shaving their faces like their Papa's do...

Here is the scene this afternoon when Sebastian returned from school.

Me:"Sebastian, Brooklyn? What are you doing?"

Sebastian: "I'm shaving my face Mom!"

Me: "Again?"

Sebastian: "Yep!, I LOVE shaving my face!"


Sebastian: "Brooklyn says he loves it too."

So this is when I grab my camera and head upstairs, into their bathroom and find the following...

One very happy five year old boy with "shaving cream" on his little face and in some of his hair.

Who is quite focused on the task at hand... (Please don't mind me in the background)

And just as quickly as he removes all of the foam from his face, he butters it up and starts all over again.

But not before a few goldfish crackers... Who could resist?

And... Back to work.

Almost finished now...

And, round three begins... (Enter a very curious little brother)

Sebastian is shaving away and Brooklyn has found the goldfish crackers and seems content for the moment...

So on and so forth for a good ten on so shaves... Finally, he is done.

This is when he puts the little plastic razor away and promises it that he will use it again tomorrow... Man, I love this kid.


Anonymous said...

How sweet! He was focused on the task in hand wasn't he?!

Cathy said...

I remember those sets.. D had one when he was about that age.. He liked it too. Now he is shaving for real and I am sad.. my baby boy is growing up and I just want to rock him again.. Being 6 ft 2in it's not going to work to well.. Next time you stand next to them just cherish the little moment cause next time you might be looking UP at them.

Anonymous said...

Oh Corey,

This is priceless! A memory to be treasured. Wait til he discovers after shave cologne!
Thanks so much for sharing your precious moments. They make my day.


cindy_w said...

I can hardly stand it. He is soooo cute and funny!