Saturday, December 12, 2009

Right of Passage

Sebastian lost his first tooth yesterday. It was really quite abrupt, as we only had one days notice. In true  form, he let us know the night before that his tooth was "really"loose. The next morning while brushing his teeth, it fell out. The tooth fairy visited our home for the first time last night. A sprinkle of fairy dust and three dollars later, we have a very happy and relieved boy. For months now, we have been talking about the possibility of loose teeth, little fairies and treasure hidden underneath pillows. Sebastian wasn't too sure about the whole process, and so with such a seamless introduction, he couldn't  be happier. He gave one of the three dollars to his little brother who must have felt a bit left out of all of the hoopla, and who was seen checking his own teeth multiple times throughout the day... This tiny tooth that fell out was actually the first that emerged five years ago. I remember the day that Sebastian's first tooth broke through his little baby gums and shone bright for all to see. I was so proud of my boy, and so excited for all that was to come. That little tooth stood proudly in his sweet mouth all of these years. What a big boy my little man is becoming... So again today, I am so proud of my boy and excited for all that is to come.

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