Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two, Today

My sweet, sweet Brooklyn turned two years old this morning. We spent the day with him doing things that two years olds like to do. He was thrilled. We had a house full of his favorite people here for dinner and desert. We watched as he unwrapped presents, played with his brother , insisted on an encore performance of Happy Birthday, and blew out his candle, all four times... Brooklyn is pure joy. Untapped happiness. Adorable, curious, sensitive and intelligent. Thoughtful,hilarious and totally two. That's right, two years old. I am so proud to be this boys mother. I could scream it from the roof top. I love you baby B, your presence is a present each and every day. Happy Birthday.


jess said...

that cake is too cute! great family photo, too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!!! What lovely words and beautiful pictures, I especially love the one of him eating his '2' directly from the cake and the one of the four of you together, you all look so happy!

Patti said...

That hat and glasses are the BEST!!!! Happy 2nd birthday to a super sweet little guy!!