Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I apologize for my state of blah... I don't quite know what has happened to my pep... This week began and as I drew in  a deep and steady breath, I realized that exhaustion was closing is on me... Maybe it was the move... Maybe it is the two darling boys that I chase around in circles from dawn until dusk each day... Maybe it is the fact that we have not seen my husbands sweet smile in 24 days and wont for at least another 10... Maybe it was the failed attempt at five years of sterilization or maybe it's the impending second attempt of insertion next month...
( Come on cervix, work with me here...) Maybe it is the unpacking of our lives, tedious and fragile... Maybe it is my busy little mind that never quite quiets down... The part of me that waits and yearns for the late night hours, when I can be alone and bask in the silence... Maybe it's my late night book reading  and that secret box of Ju Ju Bees...  Maybe it was the garage sale, no that was joyous... Maybe it's Bella asleep in my lap, no, I just wanted to type her name... Maybe, maybe, maybe. Whatever it is I hope that it goes away as swiftly as it came.  No more blah.  My cup is half full. Blessings in abundance. Time to go to bed... Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.

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Patti said...

Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you & would love to assist in anyway possible. Don't be hard on yourself for having those moments, I believe those moments are the ones that help us to fully cherish and enjoy the joyous times in our lives. Please know you're in our hearts and in our prayers.