Sunday, July 5, 2009

Before Boxes

This afternoon, I began to pack up Sebastian's belongings and carefully place the last four years into cardboard boxes... Every inch of his bedroom holds a memory for me... Sebastian was one year old when we moved into this house, he came with a crib, a changing table and a handful of unanswered questions... We worked through the unknown together, often within  the confines of these four walls... He played, he danced, he laughed, and he grew into a wonderful little boy; all while sleeping under this roof... I have spent many a night sleeping in this room as well, with my arms wrapped tightly around my boy... Nights when he was well, nights when he was ill... Nights where he was just wanting the company of his Momma,  I would climb into his crib and sleep beside him... He learned the love of a story here, tucked into his covers at night. He learned the power of a prayer and the love of a family here... He drew in strength and welcomed the change... I went and got him before I started packing up his treasures... I asked him to look around his room, because even though I was going to take some pictures for him to remember it by, he would never see his room this way again. And so he did... And as I packed, I cried... For the first time during this moving process, I cried... Memories flooded my mind and my heart was full...  Tears of joy, excitement, nervousness,exhaustion and reminiscence. Bittersweet and joyous is the end of this chapter of our lives... There are new experiences that await us, new rooms, new treasures... More memories to be made...Same boy, same love.

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