Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I found a piece of scratch paper the other day with the jottings of my ideas for an organic baby food line... I  concocted the idea of forming a natural baby food line, and running production right out of my kitchen... Brooklyn was probably five months old, so I was making his baby food, and obviously not sleeping well... Here are some coo-coo, mid- day Momma thoughts! Enjoy!

Name of Company: Mmmm... (My Momma Makes Mine)

The Flavors and Names that I came up with!

Aw Shucks- Corn
Pumpkin Bumpkin- Pumpkin
Very Cherry- Cherries
Nice Rice Cereal
Brainy Grainy Cereal
Bananas Are A'peeling"- Bananas
Sweet Potato Pie- Sweet Potato
More Peas Please- Peas
Squish Squash- Squash
Apple Of My Eye- Apple

Too funny! And, I remember presenting Anthony with this idea and him being completely supportive! Ha!

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