Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let It Be Heard

Yesterday I celebrated the first anniversary of Life With Little Ones... I found it interesting to read the first post that I made a year ago, and reflect on what life was like then, verses now... 
Things that have changed with in the last year and things that haven't.  
Thinking through the vast assortment of change is bittersweet... 

On a personal level,my measure of true happiness and creativity have never been higher. The opportunity to write and post, and be heard, if only by myself, has served as therapy, day in and day out.  Self expression... The chance to remember if only once a day; basking in the light of my glowing computer screen,who I am as an individual, and reflect upon the things that bring me true, gratification and pride.  This blog is a celebration of the past year of my life, documented... Mother of two, wife, home maker, daughter, friend, sister, student, entrepreneur, writer, artist, photographer,chaser of dreams... 

My marriage is one year further into our future.  Stronger, stronger, stronger still.  A work in progress...always.  A joy... absolutely. Bend, and flex and stretch and rest.... Balance.

My parents are a year older as well.... Most of the time passed can be seen through the eyes of my father, although there is a beautiful reflection of age upon my mothers face as well.  As time progresses, I have found comfort in her face changing and becoming familiar of the beautiful women that proceeded her being... The softening of her skin, the ever present twinkle in her eye... All important elements of a true Nana. Aging, gracefully.

To be honest, the most obvious measure of the last year's passing has got to be within my children... My babies are a year older, wiser, happier, stronger.  Although, what is the likely hood that they will remember any of this last year? Will Sebastian recall our days spent together? The belly laughs, the hugs and kisses... the "I Love
 You 's"  and the "Goodnight My Love's"... Or what about the nights? Will Brooklyn have any recollection of the comfort of being rocked to sleep in my arms? The nighttime feedings and the early mornings... Or will the days and nights and years, become a blur of happiness all together? I guess that is what I would hope for their childhood to be... A blurry happy haze. If nothing else is taken away from these 332 posts, be it that I love my kids... Shout it and let it be heard... I love them.

A year in words...

Brooklyn Michael 
12 baby teeth. 
Rolling, crawling, walking, running.
Smiling, laughing, babbling, talking.  
Drinking, eating,eating,eating! 
Waking, sleeping,waking, sleeping.
Meeting, liking, loving, adoring.

Sebastian Anthony
3 1/2 inches, grown.
Scribble, scrabble, tracing, writing.
Sounding, sighting, spelling, reading.
Big boy, little boy, big boy, little boy.
Guardian,protector, advisor, brother.

For anyone who has followed along throughout this past year and taken a vested interest in my life, thank you. I am humbled by your support and your encouragement.  I said from the very beginning that I would write, even if there was no one reading what was wrote.  To be told that I have brought joy and evoked emotion from both loved ones and strangers,is to be considered a huge bonus.  I am so grateful for my life with little ones. Strange how such a small platform in ones life can make such a drastic change in the core of their being.  I am both changed and healed by this opportunity for expression... So grab a hot cup of coffee and pull up a very comfy seat. Year number two, starts... now.

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Lyn said...

OMG! I love you! Brilliantly written my dear! Keep it coming...I love the chance to giggle, shed a tear, or sometimes read in awe of your beautiful life with your beautiful family! YOU ARE AMAZING!