Friday, April 10, 2009

Number Two

I have been collecting samples and cultures from Brooklyn's diapers throughout the past three days... You see, our sweet baby boy has had quite the messy diaper now for nearly a month, and though normally I would not speak potty talk... I figure, those moms and dads that might be reading, won't bat a eye at the thought of poop.  I turned the cultures over to Dr. Rott, in exchange for two Wiggles stickers and a vague and nonchalant, "You'll have results in three to five days." So, now we wait... The doctor forewarned me that this series of messy diapers could be caused by a number of different things, all of which Brooklyn is being tested for.  Various allergy,sickness and disease, including childhood cancers... Although routine, terrifying.  Prayers, please. Results in three to five days. Thank you.


Lyn said...

Oh Corey...

Sorry to hear it hasn't subsided. f course Brooklyn will be in my prayers and if you need anything or any help please let me know. Poor little guy. Hope he feels better!

p.s. I'm also a litter surprise that it wasn't Berg to pop those kinds of horrific guesstimates into your head. Don't worry to much.

Anonymous said...

How is my sweet baby boy?
xoxo, Nana