Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Things

Today was a wonderful day, filled with excitement and glee, not to mention just about as much green as two little boys can handle. Green eggs, milk, juice... Green bath water, twice. Green shamrock shaped sugar cookies sprinkled with green shiny sprinkles. A green leprechauns hat wound with sparkling green clovers, and two darling brothers dressed in green from head to toe. A hot corned beef dinner, and a homemade Leprechaun trap, set for the second night in a row... Little things, little details, that hopefully one day will make my little boys reflect fondly on even the littlest of holidays.

It is the night before St.Patrick's day,I could not have been much more than three years old. My sister and I lay in our beds as my mom prepares us for a restful nights sleep... She has us both dressed in pajamas that are sure to have the color green throughout. She tucks us into our beds, but underneath the sheets, our green pajamas could no longer be seen; leaving us both vulnerable to the ever dreaded leprechaun pinch. My sister brings this to my mothers attention, so mom goes and finds green ribbon to tie atop both Kelly and my head. Green clearly visible. Sisters, safe and sound.

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