Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun Facts

Did you know that this is Women's History month? I was happily surprised to learn so! Here are a few crafty and clever, woman- invented, can't live without products! Thank heaven for these savvy women!
  1. The Wind-Shield Wiper- Mary Anderson 1903 Tired of cleaning her windshield in bad weather, Anderson designed a hand operated mechanical window-clearing device.
  2. The Dishwasher- Josephine Cochrane 1886 Frustrated by hand washing dishes, Cochrane created a machine that held soiled tableware is place for washing by internal water jets.
  3. Scotchgard-Patsy Sherman 1955 Removing stains might be more of a challenge were it not for scientist Sherman, who developed the emulsion that keeps spills from soiling treated fabrics.
  4. The Modern Curling Iron- Jessie T.Pope 1946 When curling iron were warmed in a fire or a stove top, the heat could not be adjusted. Pope created a device whose temperature could be controlled.
  5. White Out- Bette Nesmith Graham 1956 As a secretary, Graham experienced her share of typos. In her kitchen, she whipped up a paint formula that could be brushed over ink mistakes.

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