Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Job Well Done

As a mother, raising her first child, I used to wonder if the time and attention I paid to the details in his life would so much as matter in his future... Would the hours of flash cards and educational trivia pay off in his favor and give him the edge that he would need to make it in today's school system?  I remember even at a young age, maybe two years old, Sebastian would memorize a book or a series of events and the pride would swell in my chest... As he grew, so did his vocabulary and his ability to express and describe what it was that he was doing or learning... Again, eminence pride.  I think that it is normal as a mother raising her first child to linger on each of the milestones that you child passes and to dote on the wonder of their expanding mind.  I had the opportunity to accompany Sebastian to school today, and watch him in his school room... Amidst his friends and teachers, he impressed me, as always, with his ability to balance and complete multiple tasks all within a short amount of time.  I loved watching the interaction that he had with the other children in his classroom, and the chance to put sweet smiles and personalities to the names that we hear so often in our home.  I love that in the midst of the preschool recess, Sebastian took to his own secret spot underneath the play structure in the yard and built a sand castle for his Momma... In that moment I was reminded, yes, every single  thing that I have done for my son has made him who he is today.  His sweetness, his generosity, his silliness and his intellect, all taught over the course of his life... Pride swelling in my chest now, and always... A mother could not be prouder to call someone her own. To myself and the village... job well done.

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