Saturday, January 17, 2009

Time Capsule

For years now I have been wanting to bring together all of the most important bits and pieces of my children's childhood into a communal place where I know that my sweetest treasures will be safe and sound.  Throughout the past month I have been going through various boxes and bags full of saved items, and organizing them in a way that I can actually enjoy and appreciate them.  I am calling this project a time capsule, because it is something that I started saving items for almost five years ago when Sebastian was born, and will continue adding to throughout the rest of their childhood and adolescence.  I have enjoyed this process greatly and can't explain the peace of mind in knowing that I have finally got all of the goodies into one spot! Here is some of what I have added so far...

Birth Certificates

Newborn Foot Prints

Newspaper Birth Announcements

Birthday Cards from both boy's 1st Birthday parties, with an attached picture of each of them enjoying their first birthday cake.

Wish Cards from Brooklyn's Baby Shower

Hand Knit hat and booties

An envelope that I made to hold a copy of all invitations that have been sent... Birthdays, Showers,Announcements, Baptism etc... 

Another that contains each years picture with Santa Claus, all four of Sebastian's and two of Brooklyn's.  I also added to this envelope all of the letters to Santa that we have written throughout the years...

A jump drive with copies of all of my pictures of the boys thus far...

Hair clippings and pictures from both of their first haircuts.

Baby journals that I kept throughout each of my pregnancies.

Hospital wrist bands from both Sebastian and Brooklyn's birth.

The front page of the local newspaper from the day that each boy was born...(Thanks Dad!)

And a few other little treasures! 

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