Saturday, January 31, 2009


It's natural for every mother to think that her child is special. I am absolutely one mother whom not only thinks so... but knows so.  You see, Sebastian was born a leap year baby almost five years ago.  Born to his father and I at 1:31pm on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, February 29, 2004.  Prior to having him, I had not considered the possibility of him being born on this day, some three weeks early... But, as it began to become apparent that he was in fact on his way, I began to think... This child is special.  My son is special.  I am going to be able to say that my baby was born on a very special day, one that only comes every four years... special.  Now that Sebastian is old enough to watch the calender and anticipate his birthday months in advance, it has become a bit trickier to explain his special birthday and try to have him understand that yes, his birthday is February the 29th, even though no such date is on his calender... Hmmm....  I on the other hand love that his actual birthday is not there each and every year... You see, it helps a mother like myself, who is trying to slow and prolong her first son's childhood, to count birthdays as one... every four years.  Last year when Sebastian turned four, he also celebrated his first birthday.  A big cake was made, and Momma made a little cake as well... You get the gist.  I will continue to uphold this tradition for as long as I am honored to be present at my son's birthday gathering.  There is some level of comfort in knowing that when Sebastian is celebrating his 40th birthday, I will be celebrating his 10th...
With that said, Sebastian's birthday is less than one month away, and in honor of his life throughout the past five years, I will be posting a picture of him each day, until the big day... I hope that you will enjoy looking back over the years as much as I will.

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