Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sebastian's Surprise Sugar Cookie Delivery

This is a story that involves a boy who's heart is sweeter then than all of the sugar cookies in the world!  

I thought that it would be a great idea to surprise Sebastian tonight... Instead of heading off to bed after dinner, we headed right out the door, into our car and onto the road!  We had a mission!  I had spent the early evening baking sugar cookies... Somewhere along the third baking sheet full, I got to thinking... Wouldn't it be fun to surprise Sebastian's friends with a bag full of warm sugar cookies!

How better to remind my son of what it feels like to give a gift when it is not expected, and the wonderful feeling that accompanies a good deed.  We headed out to four different homes.  Four different families of friends who have touched our lives this year...  In the car driving to the four destinations, we had a chance to talk, and reflect upon what it is that make our friends so special... We also had a chance to sing many a Christmas carol, and to look at some beautiful light displays... This was a wonderful idea!  The first two families were home and surprised by our unannounced arrival! Such fun!  The second two families were not home, but we got to imagine the surprise they would encounter upon coming home and finding a little bag full of cookies!  I am so  glad that we took this time to remember what Christmas and friendship is really about... About a block from our house, Sebastian was yawning and telling me that he was sleepy... Then I hear this... "I have the nicest friends... They make my heart super happy..." And that makes my heart happier than he will ever know. Merry Christmas!

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