Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mind Your Manners...Please

When I saw these Good Manners flash cards on the toy shelf the other day, I could not resist... What a wonderful way to remind your children of the importance of everyday manners... The set of cards has a hypothetical situation on one side, and the correct "polite" resolution on the other... Situations vary, for instance... "When you play, what should you do with your toys?"... "Share you toys with others."  The back of the box prompts you to play with these cards as a game with your child.  Spread a small number of the cards out in front of yourself.  Have your child select a card and guess the correct answer... Repeat until the child is not at all interested in his manners one little bit!  I for one am a huge advocate for polite children, using manners and never forgetting the magic word... "What To Do, What To Say, Polite Behavior Every Day!"

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