Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gratitude Tree

I was recently invited by a friend of mine to attend a meeting with a group of lovely ladies... The Live, Laugh, Love club,which happens to be part of Once Upon A Family...We had the evening to discuss family, tradition and creative ways to express love and evoke emotion in one's home. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and after leaving the meeting, I had this idea to take with me as a parting favor... A gratitude tree... This being November, a month which honors gratitude, thanks and family tradition, I would erect a small tree in my home where daily, I could ask Sebastian what it is that he is thankful for, write it on a paper leaf and adhere it to the branches of the tree, until the tree becomes full and lush come the months end.  I love this idea... I look forward to the priceless sweetness that comes from his mouth each morning when asked what his heart feels gratitude for...  Here is some of what he has shared with me thus far...
"I am thankful for going to school and for playing with my Papa..."
"I am thankful for you,(Momma), taking care of me so much..."
"I am thankful for I love you..."

I decided to draw the tree trunk and branches on the chalk board that hangs in our kitchen... I used this leaf template and printed the images directly onto a variety of fall colored paper... I cut the leafs out individually and use scotch tape to adhere them to the chalk board after I have written his words upon them...  You could customise this project to meet your own likes... Although, no matter how you decide to put it together, if you do, you will be so pleased with the result... And a bonus will be having these sweet words of thanks for years and years to come...

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