Sunday, October 19, 2008

One Kid. One Vote.

"What's a vote Momma"... This question from Sebastian generated questions of my own... How do you explain to a four year old the meaning; much less the importance of a vote?  I began by explaining that a vote is someones opinion, the way that one feels about a topic or issue... It's someones say; what they believe  in...  I begin explaining the power that voting gives an individual... then it came to me... There are topics in Sebastian's four year old life that he feels passionately about as well... I  would make him a ballot and allow him to vote... to have his voice heard and his opinion stated.... officially .

Here are some of the questions that I included on the ballot...
Should we go camping next year?
How many times a week should he be able to play video games?
Which should we serve more of... broccoli or carrots?
What should Brooklyn be for Halloween... A pumpkin or a baby Hulk?

This exercise ended up being a lot of fun and now when posed with a question... Sebastian is quick to suggest a vote... More than anything I want my boys to fully understand the importance of voting and  having their voice be heard;whether its in a public forum, or in the comfort of our home... important none the less... 

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