Monday, October 20, 2008

My Wish For Baby...

Last October I was given a beautiful baby shower in preparation for Brooklyn's arrival... Amongst my family and friends I spent the evening laughing and thinking a lot about the child that would be with us soon... I had spent much of the week prior to that day constructing these handmade envelopes for each of my guests.  Inside each envelope I placed a small card asked each guest the following... Throughout the evening, would they think of a wish that that had for our baby.  Something that they might wish him immediately, or a wish for his future.  The envelopes were collected at the end of the night, and I tucked them safely away, to be opened and read upon Brooklyn's first birthday.  The anticipation to open these little envelopes has been high...  I have often wondered what the cards might read, who wished what and which wishes have already come true throughout this first year of his life?  My questions are now answered... Today, with my husband by my side, I opened and read aloud each and every one of these heartfelt wishes... Here are a few of my most favorite...

"Your Nana wishes you a life full of love, security, happiness,prosperity and health!  I can't wait to get my hands on you for a big, big hug! xoxo"

"My wish for baby Brooklyn is to always find humor in every situation. Laughter is the cure to all things!  Always remember to smile and be open to many kisses, as you are already very loved!"

"...That no matter when, young or old, should Brooklyn know that the people closest to him love him dearly and that he will never be alone."

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