Saturday, September 27, 2008

Heartfelt Handwriting


This is the first year that Sebastian and his friends are able to express themselves through their own handwriting.... I think that these first drafts of penmanship are absolutely priceless and adorable to no end.  Sebastian and one of his friends, Hannah, have developed a system of mail exchange through their school room cubby box.  One morning when we arrived to school, there in Sebastian's cubby was a sweet little card, left by none other than Miss.Hannah... We took the note home, read it, and then read it again and again and again.  We responded to the note by leaving her a note of her own for her finding the next day when she would attend school... So on and so forth.   Here are a few of  the pieces of hand written beauty that we have received thus far... Take note that some of the text is written by Hannah momma, who writes what Hannah is saying word for word, thus loosing none of it's four year old authenticity... My absolute favorite has got to be the illustrations of the Halloween characters and the knock-knock joke that has no apparent punch line, but that Sebastian thinks is hilarious! 

The drawing of Sebastian beside two of his friends, Gabe and Drew, was enclosed in a birthday card that he received earlier this year... I had to include it in this post as I just love it dearly! Great drawing Gabriel!

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cwalker5556 said...

This is so cute. Does he really have a chance to play with Hannah??