Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bubble Trouble....Nothing That Mom Can't Fix!

Sebastian and I made some bubble solution a few days ago and have waited for the right time to try out our concoction... Yesterday afternoon seemed perfect, so in the heat of the day we brought Nana and Brooklyn along outside with us and began to blow bubbles... At first we had a bit of trouble, I think that the solution that we had made,(see recipe below), settled a bit too long and the soap and glycerin stuck to the bottom of our container, making the bubbles way too thin... But after I added a bit more soap, we were off and running; literally, to pop each bubble soon after it was blown!  They were beautiful and large in size, due in part to the bubble wands that we constructed out of wire hangers... one shaped like a little cloud, the other a mystery object! 

Bubble Recipe
One gallon H20
1/2 Cup Dawn Dish Soap (We used the apple scented Dawn so that our bubbles would smell summer fresh!)
3 tablespoons Glycerin (found at Michael's Craft Store in the baking department)
Mix together and let cure, one to two days!

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