Thursday, June 5, 2008

Little Tooth

Guess what graced us with it's brilliant white presence this morning over breakfast???Brooklyn's first tooth! We are so proud of our boy and all of the hard work that his little body put in to get that tooth to the surface! He seems so proud of his accomplishment, smiling just a bit wider than normal to expose his greatest prize! I felt like building him a trophy or a metal of some sort... silly but my boy is growing up, quickly, too quickly... One day a tooth, the next day preschool... believe me, it happens before you know it... Congratulations to Brooklyn, and his beautiful tooth; may we spend many a day with you little tooth. I look forward to brushing and flossing you a multitude of times throughout the coming years, and eventually tucking you into the pocket of a soft pillow and sending you away with the fairy who collects my children's teeth and lovingly deposits them into a small box of mine, filled with the treasures that children bring to the lives of their mothers...

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