Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Third Draft

My children are phenomenal,God bless them for exactly who they are. I, like many other mother's swear my boy's are special;unique,in a way that only we, with our hearts swollen can detect... I would like to thank both of my babies for allowing me the opportunity to flex my core being and mother them, day in and day out. We share each morning and each night,kisses and hugs a plenty. I thank them both, for without them, I would not have been allowed admittance into a club of phenomenal women, a sisterhood if you will , that is sometimes silent, but always strong... Women fueled by love in it's most pure form, gut wrenching, pain staking, love; for your children. Love for who they are now, and for who they will become...

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jess said...

i love being a mother too. it's the best. :) my email is princessjess3(at)

have a great saturday! :D