Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Upon entering Sebastian's room tonight to tuck him back into his bed and turn off his lava lamp... here is what I found.
(I had to flip the light on and take picture.) 
 My beautiful son, with many of his favorite things surrounding him. 

He is dressed in his Dash pajamas; his "most favorite of all pajamas in the whole world..."

Curious George is asleep to his left, while Mikey, his cabbage patch doll in sound asleep to his right. 

Pinned under Mikey is Sunny, his beloved glow worm... 

His green wookie is resting comfortably by his side, while Ballie;the ball, is safely within reach.

Everything in it's place. 
I love this little boy so much.
 Sweet dreams my love.

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