Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cherished Treasures

When thinking about the items that I wanted to list, I couldn't help but think back upon the material items that I possesed as a child and how very much they had meant to me... and where the heck they were now...

1.My Cabbage Patch Doll,Cathy. I remember crying one night and my mother asking me why it was that I was crying... I told her that I was imagining my life without Cathy in it... so dramatic...
2.A grouping of handwritten note cards and letters between my Nana and myself.
3. Ceramic impressions of both Sebastian's and Brooklyn's hands as newborns.
4.My wedding dress
5.My original baby blanket that my mom made for me!  I have had this thing with me my entire life... from box to closet to box again!  It now rests clean and soft on the end of my bed... I love to see Sebastian grab it to warm up in the morning! Thanks mom.

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