Monday, April 28, 2008

$5.50 Fun

It's not often that $5.00 buys you anything worth writing about,(unless it's a huge vanilla latte), but this Target find, I have to share! While scouring the aisles for medicine, thermometers and Band-Aids,I found this DVD of original Tom and Jerry cartoons! It was a must have for $5.50! The cartoons are wonderful, and have brought a large amount of joy and laughter to a sick boy this week! I have to admit that I have watched as well, laughing like a four year old myself! This is real animated entertainment, created in the 1940's and just as fun today as I'm sure it was back then!

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Connie said...

We picked this up last year while in the US on R&R! Be prepared to watch it - a lot! Can't be the price for the mileage we've gotten out of it.